Service Together

I’m Gideon! An alumni team who is graduating on 4th of May 2019. I have been working with St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, alumni team in Kenya in serving a number of projects such as NGAO society of Kenya, and FOLKS (Friends of Love Kibera Slum) in ensuring that children from the slums go to school. Also there is lunch program provided on every weekends where by all the children gather together after lunch to be educated on some morals values as future leaders of the country. In NGAO, we do ABCD program i.e. Asset Based Community Development. This a program aiming at nurturing women’s talents. With this holistic program, I feel good to be part of the Lasallians team in ensuring that there is hope for the poor children and mothers in our societies. Just like the saying go! “a more educated society is likely to reduce dependent ratio” so feel good about what I do like Gideon.
Just to give a brief summary of whom Gideon is! I was born and raised by my
grandmother after the death of my parents. Stayed with my grandmother until 2014 September when God called her to rest. I still remember how life hate us from both sides so much. Being an orphan, I really had to work so heard to have a future! Nobody had no time for me and I was just left in the universe a lone. Today Gideon is a teacher by profession, who touches hearts, teaches minds, and transforms lives! All these could have not happened without Lasallians brothers! I didn’t know there are people who thinks about the lives of other until I joined my college which happened to be a school belonging to the Christian brothers here in Kenya (Christ the Teacher
Institute for Education).
To begin with what we do as young Lasallians in Kenya! Last year July I had the
opportunity to join the alumni team from USA for a community service for seven consecutive days. We visited the elderly people in Kariabangi (a small slum in Kenya) and helped with serving food and washing the utensils. A part from that a number of donations were also given out such as clothes, food, and beddings to support the elderly fathers and mothers who cannot be able to take care of themselves. What I still remember is the love for the children from the crew! It was awesome! I just image you could see how each and every one was sharing their best moments with the children. Giving them hope in life is always my key objective. I believe a good percentage of every child’s success relies on what they see and the kind of people they associate with in life.
As I plan to graduate this year! Already there is a team from the state that will be
attending my graduation, Patrice and Nancy! A big shout out to Patrice and Nancy for making it for my graduation. During this visit, as a team we will visit NGAO Society of Kenya and FOLKS to over a number of projects. Thanks to God for the good health and strength to work as team! Big shout out to the Christian brothers, De La Salle brothers for being there for us. May God bless what we do to the community, and continue guiding us through!



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