It Starts With Love

How did I get called to the Lasallian Mission?

I am a ‘cradle Catholic’ and it was important to my family that I went to Catholic school. But, for me, school was school…I got up, I learned some cool stuff, I did some homework and, occasionally, I went to mass. School was just something I did and the whole ‘Jesus thing’ was there, but almost always in the background. It wasn’t until my time at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Tennessee that my faith and my education took on an important role in my life and helped me find my calling as a high school religion teacher.

If I am being honest, I was a real jerk and a kid with a really bad attitude when I first started high school. I cannot even imagine the stress and the hardship I put people through (I guess I can now that I am a high school teacher, ha). But the one thing that my teachers made sure I knew and understood was that no matter what I did or how bad my attitude was or how mean I was to other people, including them, I was loved. I was loved, pure and simple. Not because of anything I did (I cannot imagine I did too much right my freshmen year), but simply because I was one of their students and a child of God. I simply was and that was enough to be loved. This is the first thing we are taught and experience at any Lasallian school. And I know that God put people like Joe Hughes, Dylan Perry, Dustin Perry and too many others to be named, in my path so that I could remember how good I was and how loved I was. I cannot say enough about what this did for my faith, my education and my life.

I am so blessed to have learned and experienced that kind of love early in life, and I am even more blessed now that I can share that love with my own students at another Lasallian school, St. John’s College High School in Washington, DC.

So, live Jesus in our hearts…and share that love that Jesus has for you with everyone you meet.


Spencer Macklin


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